From the recording Cognitive Dissonance


I swear I won't make a sound
When I hit the ground on both my knees
You sleep so violently quiet
For someone so restlessly free

I know that you wanted more
from every dream that I could adore
So tuck me in with a head full of every
Yearning you once called yours
So effortless and pure

Promise me you won't be around
When I hit the ground on both my feet
Instead you'll be far away
Back to yesterday
When life was still sweeter than this

I know that I wanted more
From you than all that was ever yours
So I'll let this effortlessness bleed over the edge
Till I can see you again

Can't you see a happy ending's pointless now
I already know you're dying to lose yourself
So whisper just before you sleep
How we were always worthwhile
And I'll keep her safe in my dreams