1. Lavender Ink

From the recording Cognitive Dissonance


January night a lonely view
Only shop in sight washed in neon hues
He says tell me my dear
What do you want to see
Varsouviana stuck on repeat

I'm back again
That lonely place
Still gagging on the tears
Of all my saving grace

Hold it down old bragging heart
Coiling up inside the memories start
Please wipe my skin clean dripping agonies
The iron's down in

Lock the door
It's a riot up there
On all cold limbs bent over
Wheezing filthy air
Those banging fists
Still call a name
It's such a shame it took this long to feel again

Lavender ink
I don't want to think
Lavender ink
I don't want to think

Still feels like a dream
Clinging onto
Palely aching skin
Scarred Prussian blue
Please carve it in deep where it's not hard to see
I can't forget the words she said to me

Now he's in control
Lay back and rest
Just let the needles flow until there's nothing's left

Lavender ink
I don't want to think
Lavender ink
Pull me from the brink

Hold me down
Hold me down